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LRP Calculator

The LRP Calculator provides information regarding USDA’s Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance that cannot be found elsewhere. The LRP Calculator provides:

Daily LRP Information:

Including LRP prices, premium rates and coverage levels

Average LRP Cost:

The 10-year average cost for each LRP endorsement allows comparisons between today’s LRP costs and historical costs for similar endorsements

Historical Market Information:

Provides up to 10 years of the expected end values and actual end values used by LRP for similar endorsement lengths. This information shows historical market trends during the period you are considering insuring.

A Comparison of Historical LRP Premiums and Indemnities:

Calculates up to a 10-year historical comparison of LRP premiums and indemnities for each endorsement offered. This calculation is based upon the current cost of LRP.

What is the Livestock Risk Protection Program (LRP)?

USDA’s Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance is designed to insure against declining livestock market prices. You may choose from a variety of coverage levels and insurance periods that match the time your livestock would normally be marketed (ownership may be retained). USDA updates LRP choices daily based upon market prices.

For more information, details, or a quote visit an insurance agent.

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